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  • Effective after the 1st application

  • Dermatologically tested

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  • No risk of injury

  • Three steps for healthy feet

    1. Effect:

    Please do not wash or apply lotion to your feet before use.
    Place a thin layer of Lopalmed natural cotton on the areas to be treated. Moisten the cotton with the Lopalmed lotion and press the cotton firmly. The skin should show through the cotton.

    2. Remove:

    You can remove the cotton wool after just 15-20 minutes. The skin should still shimmer wet - if not, moisten the cotton wool again and leave it on for another 3 minutes. The callus should now be soft and can be removed with the Lopalmed professional callus scraper. Wash your feet thoroughly after the treatment.

    3. Maintain:

    To counteract an unnaturally increased formation of calluses after the treatment, simply massage your feet with Lopalmed restorative cream every day. In addition, apply Lopalmed Callus Reducer Cream daily. The formation of new calluses can be delayed long term. You can repeat this process on your feet every 6 - 7 days until you have achieved a satisfactory result.

  • Three steps to beautiful hands

    1. Effect:

    Place a thin layer of Lopalmed natural cotton over the cuticles and nail folds of your finger. Moisten the cotton with the Lopalmed lotion and press it down well. The skin should show through the cotton. An exposure time of 1-3 minutes is sufficient, depending on the thickness of your cuticles.

    2. Remove:

    After the exposure time, the softened cuticles and hardened parts of your nail folds can be removed with the Lopalmed professional cuticle pusher or a nail brush. Afterwards, please wash your hands thoroughly.

    3. Maintain:

    After the cuticles have been removed, targeted care with the Lopalmed restorative cream is recommended. The cream must be applied with massaging movements, especially on the treated nail beds. The Lopalmed restorative cream supports the natural skin function. You can repeat this process on the cuticles every 4-8 weeks or as needed.

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  • Ingredients

    Our products only contain selected ingredients, including panthenol and the highly effective urea. Experience the immediate effect!

  • Clinically confirmed

    The Lopalmed callus remover PLUS & cuticle remover PLUS was tested by Dermatest Münster GmbH on the hands and feet of 30 diabetics for 30 days and rated »VERY GOOD« .


    "Let it absorb, remove and care" - This is the Lopalmed formula with which an immediate effect is achieved!

  • Advantage over conventional methods

    When rasping or filing calluses, the skin is injured and stimulates the formation of new calluses. Gentle removal with Lopalmed removes the callus for a longer time and the callus grows back less.

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